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Annual Report

This year our Annual Report centers around justice.  What does justice mean to you?  Does it mean to get what you deserve?  Jesus seems to view justice differently.  Please click here to read our Annual Report.  Thank you for your support.



Beautiful Sunrise Service

We were truly blessed by the inspiring message of new beginnings and reconciliation delivered by our very own Rev. Peter Horth and Chaplian Nora Wilburne! The Sunrise Service began against the majestic, beautiful backdrop of the lake and the sunrise.  It was during prayers of praise and thanksgiving, one woman's strong voice was heard, "I'm thankful for Good News Partners -- if it wasn't for them, I'd be on the street".

We have a great financial opportunity

Good News Partners is seeking to refinance our buildings and lock in lower interest rates by 2-3% or more on our mortgages for the next 30 years.  Our lenders have requested that Good News Partners create a $150,000 Operating Reserve Fund in order to renegotiate our mortgages.  

We are asking for you to dig deeper because it will have a great multiplier effect now and going forward.  Refinancing now will have a positive impact on Good News Partners for several years forward.

The multiplier effect is this:  Good News Partners will save $40,000 in interest costs in the first year, declining each year over the 30 years of refinancing but totaling nearly $700,000 over the 30 year term!  $700,000 more toward ending homelessness in this great city of Chicago!