Celebrating the Journey and Creating New Beginnings

How GNP’s New Years’ Resolutions May Be Like Some of Yours

In 2016, GNP is resolving to:

#1 Diet.

             We are focusing on a  healthy diet of maintaining affordable housing in the North of Howard area,  cutting down on expenses that do not provide sustainable energy,  including healthy portions of education for residents, and adding higher quantities of assistance from supportive agencies in the Chicago area.  ​

#2 Exercise

Living into the mission of Good News Partners, we have renewed commitment to affordable housing, reclaiming the vision of self-sufficiency and pledging to support residents in that goal.  Every day we will exercise our faith, strengthen our partners, and bild up our residents toward our vision.

#3 Work the plan.

For 40 years our mission has been to end homelessness and hopelessness with every one God brings to us,  to foster justice and to build bridges of reconciliation.  We are renewing this vision to carry us into the future.  The vision forward is to focus on financial health, to draw more people who share the vision to join the Board of Directors, and to include an Ambassador Board to help by letting more people know about  the mission of GNP.

We are committed to a healthy future!  Join us to end homelessness and hopelessness with everyone God brings to us; to foster justice, and to build bridges of reconciliation.

Executive Directors,

Jan Hubbard, Karen Mosby, Marcos Ramirez