The Fargo Co-op

In 1999, our neighborhood saw three former People’s Housing buildings being shut down and slated for condo conversions, evicting all of their tenants.  As Good News Partners was scrambling to find housing for some of the soon-to-be evicted tenants, our neighbor Kim Bobo heard about the need, and decided that her current home might be the perfect answer.  She decided she was willing to sell the building for what she needed, rather than what the market would allow, and with the help of about a half a dozen of Good News partners’ most generous supporters, we purchased the beautiful 3-flat on Fargo Ave, converting it into the 5-unit Fargo Co-op. 

The traditional Rogers Park-style 3-flat gives opportunities for larger families that many of our buildings just don’t have the space for, and as such, has grown into an exceptional, family-oriented community, and one of our most stable co-ops. 

1449 Fargo Ave
Chicago, IL 60626