Finding Independence w/ Christanna and Michelle

Workforce Development program helps women launch business

Christanna and Michelle are two women who recently completed our UR Chicago Alliance Job Readiness Program. Christanna originally became connected to GNP because she was in need of temporary housing a found solace in our New Life Interim shelter. Both women, tired of feeling stuck and wanting to make a real change in their lives, joined the UR Chicago Alliance program. During a session in the program, the topic of business ownership arose. This sparked an interest in Christanna and Michelle. One core value of the program is to push all of their participants to think beyond just merely landing a job, but to encourage entrepreneurial discovery.

Motivated that they could accomplish more, they decided to test out a business idea that they could be apart of. Both having backgrounds in cleaning and maid services, doing just that seemed like a great idea. They had the work ethic, experience, and passion, but just needed help to establish their vision and change their mindset from being an employee to being an employer. With the help of the program and its mentors, they have been working to help them identify helpful resources, ways to build a niche within their local community and create demand for their services. 

In December 2017, they launched their idea and have already landed a few clients. With the support of UR Chicago and our network, they have realized that they can find and develop true independence.

At Good News Partners, we love to support our own. If you are in need of cleaning or maid services, please consider using the URC Cleaning Ladies and help us to continue to foster change in their lives. If interested, please contact Kevin Taylor at

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