Good News Builders

New Porch at the BoS.

Renovating and upgrading Good News Partners’ multiple housing units and communal living areas are full-time tasks.  We are fortunate to have an apprentice program that allows community members to become trained in a wide range of building skills. Supervised by our Rehab Crew Manager, they remodel and renovate our units to house and serve our families. As they remodel and rebuild, the builders acquire skills that move them toward independence and prosperity.  They, in turn, become role models for other aspiring workers. Our Good News Builder Program also brings in needed revenue by taking on projects outside the community. For example, our builders have repaired siding, modified outside decks, remodeled many apartments complete with new kitchens and bathrooms, and worked on electrical, plumbing, and rehab projects with neighboring organizations. GNP is a licensed general contractor. Our Rehab Crew Manager owns his own building in the neighborhood and our Property Manager has moved from our Esperanza co-op to his own two-flat using the money he saved through a GNP-supported program.