The Importance of Serving w/ Jack Caldwell

Jack Caldwell is the perfect example of being of service to others. Just 18 years old, Jack recently graduated from Evanston Township High School. He became connected to GNP through Dana Teeter, a long-time supporter. Jack first began volunteering by helping to wrap Christmas gifts for the children at the New Life Shelter two years ago. When his community service project came, he used the opportunity to come back and serve at our shelter.
“Serving my community is a big part of my life. Throughout my whole life, I have taken part in countless opportunities to improve and better my communities, schools, churches, and numerous other areas where service was needed.”
Jack tells us about how impactful it was to interact with the youth, “Every time I came to GNP for 'Tuesday Night Hangout Hour' - the kids would become really engaged in the activities and I got to know them the more I came, they eventually became more engaged with me on a personal level.”
Jack and fellow students from ETHS competed in the Illinois DECA Career Development Conference in February 2018. In addition to 15 ETHS students placing in the top three at the 2018 Illinois State Career Development DECA Competition, two students earned the opportunity to compete at the International DECA Competition in April. Earning 1st place for his Community Service Project focusing on Good News Partners, Jack was one of those students.
“I have become a stronger leader through the process of this project. I have advocated for myself, reached out to executive directors and founders of organizations, people I never thought I would talk in person with.”
From this experience Jack shares, "My leadership skills have also improved and I have become more comfortable with opening up to strangers in order to make a connection.”
Having always had a certain view on non-profits, this experience helped Jack to gain inside insight into the inner workings of our world and showed him how much work goes into providing the services that we do. The whole experience has been extremely humbling.
“Everyone should do their part and help in his or her communities, especially if you are fortunate enough to not have to share in his or her struggles", says Jack.
Jack plans to go to Butler University in the fall to study Business.
We appreciate Jack for choosing to share his light with our youth, selecting GNP for his service project, and choosing to share our story with the world.
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