JanCrowe Pierce

Another problem building that had been plaguing the neighborhood for decades, is the property now known as the JanCrowe Pierce building - or JCP.  The building went through a series of different owners and management companies over a couple of decades, all of whom thought they’d be able to ignore the building and just collect rent.  Most of the owners in those time periods lasted only a couple of years. 
Our neighborhood was continually suffering from this poorly managed, neglected building that had become a haven for drug sales and other gang activities. Our model of housing had been somewhat incomplete, as we were lacking housing for people who were stable enough to move on from our shelter or SRO Hotel, but weren’t quite ready for the responsibilities of being part of a co-op. 
When the building went on the market again in 2010, we were excited at the prospects of being able to provide hope in what had been a very dark part of the neighborhood, and thanks to the help of three very generous support partners whose names now comprise the name of the building, Good News Partners was able to purchase the building in the early winter of 2011, and begin the long process of ending hopelessness in what has too long been a hopeless building.