Kevin Taylor "Boots on the Ground"

Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor is the Program Director for the Urban Resiliency (UR) Chicago Alliance: Job Readiness Program. Raised by a single mother of three in the Cabrini Green Housing projects, an area notorious for violence, Kevin is no stranger to poverty stricken communities and a system that does little to correct it. As a child, he often wondered why their living situation was different from what was seen on TV. It was around age 11, when he started being mentored by a minister within the community. His encouragement and belief in Kevin was life changing, ensuring that Kevin was able to see a different perspective of life and that he most importantly - understood who God was.

His mentor committed long term and became a father figure. Pushing and challenging Kevin, he began to form a deep relationship with God. Working hard with faith and perseverance, doors began to open for Kevin and was introduced to people who also challenged him. Kevin went on to college and as a result of that journey he has been inspired to started a few businesses.


The challenges of impoverished communities is portrayed through media helps to perpetuate the idea that those who live in those communities have to remain stuck there - in turn making it hard to escape from that thinking.


Knowing first hand the needs of the community, helping to develop UR Chicago was his opportunity to empower the people whose voices would otherwise not be heard.

Forming partnerships with organizations like Good News Partners, Park Community Church, The Vineyard Church in Evanston, and C24/7 Father's Arms Ministries - we concur that the program was indeed God orchestrated.


Having himself grown up in a community with little to no opportunities to make a better life - Kevin’s mission and the mission of UR Chicago Alliance is to engage with those who desire more out of life, those who have hit a roadblock, and those who have stumbled and need help getting back up. As a faith based program, helping them establish or re-establish a relationship with God combined with the development of skills - both personal and professional to help them elevate their lives is the true essence of the program.


Good News Partners is extremely thankful for having Kevin as a part of our team. We serve a community that has been down on their luck for far too long. We work fervently to do all that we can to instill hope and provide tools to help our residents and our community see and obtain a better life.