Marvelous Works w/ Alvin Nater-Prats

Alvin Nater-Prats is a native of Puerto Rico and came to America with his family just a few months ago, in late August. Alvin is the  salesman who was assigned to our account during our quest to provide our maintenance team with new uniforms. During this time, we had the opportunity to learn about Alvin and his story was so inspiring, that we wanted to share it with our supporters. If you ask Alvin, he'd say that the timing of their move was a blessing from God. He had no way of anticipating that just two weeks later that Puerto Rico would've been hit with the storms that we now know as Hurricanes Irma and Maria. 
He decided to leave Puerto Rico and come to American after his wife received a job offer here. Quitting his job and making plans to create a better life for his family, they made preparations to leave their home. In God's timing, he received a job offer from Aramark and began to make the transition here to Chicago. Alvin is very grateful to be here but also recognizes the new challenges he has before him. He faces the barrier of becoming fluent in the English language, adapting to a new environment, learning how to navigate a new city, and starting over in a new industry.
But, despite the challenges, he is eager to learn and continually tests that "God has been good". Alvin also attributes much of his motivation and determination to succeed to his 6 year old son, whom he calls his hero. His son came here without knowing any English, but awakes each day ready to learn and has been taking all the new changes very well. Seeing how well his son is doing inspires and motivates him to put his best foot forward every day and that he doesn't "have any excuses not to do good". 
While his parents and other extended family members are back in Puerto Rico, he and his wife are doing everything they can to support them financially during this time. Much of Puerto Rico is still without power. This also makes it difficult to stay in constant communication there. If he could, he would bring everyone to Chicago with him, but certain circumstances prevents that from being a possibillity. It hurts that while his family don't have constant access to clean water, he can take hot showers at leisure. While there are obvious challenges he remains greatful that they are in good health and are staying strong. He has learned how to better appreciate the little things in life and is very thankful to God that things have been falling into place where he can support his family here and in Puerto Rico.
If anyone has a need for uniforms or any other services that Aramark provides, we hope that you would choose to be a blessing to Alvin and his family. Alvin can be reached by email at or by phone at (708) 800-7115.