New Life Interim Housing

By the early nineties, the Jonquil Hotel had made such a miraculous transition from the place it had previously been, that several members of the community there were asking that we would make the building completely drug-free; so that we could provide support for anyone working out of addiction, but any dishonest and irresponsible abusers would be asked to leave.  This created a large crisis for Good News Partners, because in an attempt to be providing further refuge, we would have to evict several mothers and with them, their children; wonderful, innocent children were about to become homeless because their mothers were destroying the Jonquil’s fragile healing culture.  The resultant crisis much prayer led us to conclude we cannot sacrifice innocent children because of the parents’ addictions, but we also couldn’t sacrifice newly recovering and vulnerable addicts by being too patient with non-recovering addicts. 

Out of this, the vision for New Life came to us.  Miraculously, a large old garage just around the corner on Paulina Street had just been foreclosed.  The mortgage was being held by Glenview State Bank, the president of which one of our founders knew. So, with nothing but hope, we approached him with our vision for converting the space into a thriving home of hope and recovery for otherwise homeless women and children.  It turned out the mortgage was far out of reach for Good News Partners; however, upon hearing our vision for the space, the bank’s president asked us how much we could afford, and then agreed to sell us the property for only $75,000. 

Thus, New Life Interim Housing was born, a place where we could provide for the least of these in the most dire situations, without sacrificing the growth and health of our other residents.