Esperanza Latina Co-op

After more than a decade of efforts to bridge the ethnic divide between African-Americans and Latinos in our neighborhood, the turf for constant inter-gang warfare between the Gangster Disciples (primarily Belizean-Americans and African-Americans) and the Latin Kings (primarily Mexican-Americans), the building directly across the street from the Jonquil hotel was listed for sale, which was home to more than 25 Mexican-American families. 

After the price for the dilapidated building turned out to again be far out of reach for Good News Partners, a couple of our faithful support partners decided to purchase the building as private investors, and then proceeded to sell it back to us for only three quarters of what they had paid for it. 

During a nearly $1 million gut rehab project, Good News Partners managed to not displace a single family. And since becoming a co-op, nine of the original families have been able to use their sweat equity in the building to secure mortgages and purchase their own homes.  The Esperanza Latina Co-op continues to provide a working model of Good News Partners’ housing priorities – people before buildings, and community empowerment rather than social service.