Our Silent Hero: Kenn Johnson

Kenn Johnson, Director of Finance at Good News Partners, is the perfect example of a man who goes above and beyond his duties of being a father. In his personal life he is a hero to his childrean and grandchildren, and at GNP - he is a hero for our community. From the very beginning of his time here - up until now, he continues to make countless sacrifices in his own life to contribute to the work that we do. 

Kenn first came to Good News Partners in September 2015. Being a resident of Rogers Park for 20 years, Kenn saw GNP as an opportunity to make a difference within his own community, and live his values. 
A proud father of 2 ambitious daughters, they and his 4 grandchildren consume his world when he is not working. One daughter is currently finishing her Master's Degree in Business - and the other is preparing to start a nursing program in the fall. He sees in his daughters, a myriad of the women who helped to raise him - describing them as "strong, passionate about their families, and their independence". 
Kenn believes that his main role as a father is to be a provider, protector, and a leader. But not only that, he also believes that it is very important to be nurturing - allowing his daughters to find their own voice and to foster an environment for them to grow as individual leaders.
Kenn is exemplary of true fatherhood, never giving up but always pushing forward. 
On behalf of Good News Partners, Kenn - we thank you for the countless hours that you have spent working overtime for the community that we serve.
We honor you as our hero!