The Importance of Serving w/ Jack Caldwell

Jack Caldwell is the perfect example of being of service to others. Just 18 years old, Jack recently graduated from Evanston Township High School. He became connected to GNP through Dana Teeter, a long-time supporter. Jack first began volunteering by helping to wrap Christmas gifts for the children at the New Life Shelter two years ago. When his community service project came, he used the opportunity to come back and serve at our shelter.

Our Silent Hero: Kenn Johnson

Kenn Johnson, Director of Finance at Good News Partners, is the perfect example of a man who goes above and beyond his duties of being a father. In his personal life he is a hero to his childrean and grandchildren, and at GNP - he is a hero for our community. From the very beginning of his time here - up until now, he continues to make countless sacrifices in his own life to contribute to the work that we do. 

Ernesta Williams: Unashamed

Ernesta Williams is a mother, and every mother wants to be able to provide a stable home for their family and ensure that they have everything they need. She first arrived at Good News Partners in July 2004 as a resident at our women's shelter. Unlike most of the residents, Ernesta was actually an employee of one at the time. However, when budget cuts and funding becomes unstable - it has a huge impact on those who work there, and this time it meant bad news for Ernesta. Having to care for a family, those cuts caused her to get behind on payments.

Kevin Taylor "Boots on the Ground"

Kevin Taylor is the Program Director for the Urban Resiliency (UR) Chicago Alliance: Job Readiness Program. Raised by a single mother of three in the Cabrini Green Housing projects, an area notorious for violence, Kevin is no stranger to poverty stricken communities and a system that does little to correct it. As a child, he often wondered why their living situation was different from what was seen on TV.

From Homeless to Hope: Mary finds her voice and receives a HUGE blessing

In December of 2017 when WVON 1690AM hosted a live broadcast at our shelter, we introduced all of our supporters and the city of Chicago to our resident, Mary. Mary, a mother of 3, found herself in need of interim housing after parting ways with her husband, losing her job, and not being able to maintain the rent. In a fight to reclaim her voice and her life, she reluctantly agreed to share her story.