Ernesta Williams: Unashamed

Ernesta Williams is a mother, and every mother wants to be able to provide a stable home for their family and ensure that they have everything they need. She first arrived at Good News Partners in July 2004 as a resident at our women's shelter. Unlike most of the residents, Ernesta was actually an employee of one at the time. However, when budget cuts and funding becomes unstable - it has a huge impact on those who work there, and this time it meant bad news for Ernesta. Having to care for a family, those cuts caused her to get behind on payments.

From Homeless to Hope: Mary finds her voice and receives a HUGE blessing

In December of 2017 when WVON 1690AM hosted a live broadcast at our shelter, we introduced all of our supporters and the city of Chicago to our resident, Mary. Mary, a mother of 3, found herself in need of interim housing after parting ways with her husband, losing her job, and not being able to maintain the rent. In a fight to reclaim her voice and her life, she reluctantly agreed to share her story.